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January 31, 2012

As they wheeled me into a waiting room while Dawnette went to get the car, I was still coming out of the anesthesia, so everything was still quite a bit "foggy".  I was all over the board emotionally...still hadn't quite registered completely as to what just happened, etc.

The nurse took me down to the car & I was fighting back the tears at this point.  Dawnette opened the car door & they helped me out of the wheel chair & into the car.  Dawnette got into the drivers side & closed the door.  At that point, I just broke down into tears.  Couldn't believe it.  We've been through quite a bit already (but that's a different story for a different time), but this was like icing on the cake.

As we drove home, Dawnette & I talked briefly, then had long moments of silence, then talked again.  We discussed my dream of a few months earlier regarding having cancer & how eerie that was given the news we just found out.  I texted/e-mailed my bosses to let them know the results of the colonoscopy.

When we got home, I just couldn't sleep, so I laid on my bed & answered e-mails from work & piddled around with a server build (also for work).  Yes, I shouldn't be working, but it was keeping my mind off everything else, so it helped me.

I rested for a bit, didn't have any lunch, and Dad came by to visit later in the afternoon.  He prayed with me & we talked for about an hour before he had to go.

I rested some more, had some dinner with Dawnette & we watched some TV or a movie & then I went to sleep for the night.