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Welcome to thebrunos.com!  This is the beginning stages of our site redesign.  We've tried this a couple of times now to no avail (re: not enough time), but we hope this time it will be a bit different.

Bear with us as the initial frame work is put into place, and then we'll start uploading previous content & adding new content as well!

What's New?

What's New?  Everything, literally!  We're using a new "CMS", content management system for the backbone of our site...all that means is that it's kinda like a database to keep track of everything so that when we change the "look & feel" of the site, the entire site itself doesn't have to change as well (which means less work for me overall, which means that I can spend more time updating the sites content!)...

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Medical Update

By now you may or may not have heard that Chris was diagnosed with Cancer on January 31, 2012.

This section will give you an in-depth look at the what, when, why, etc. so check back often to get the latest update(s)!

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Coming Soon

More "stuff" here, coming soon!

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